Transparency of Food Pricing (TRANSFOP)


High world commodity prices in 2007-2008 caused significant rises in food price inflation across the EU. However, the experience varied considerably across EU Member States. With world commodity prices likely to be higher in future years compared with over the last decade or so, understanding the factors that determine retail food prices in the EU is a considerable challenge for the research community and of major significance for policymakers and other stakeholders (e.g. consumers, the food industry and producers), both at the national and EU levels. The TRANSFOP project is organised across a number of inter-related themes (the experience of food price inflation across the EU, theoretical and empirical approaches to price transmission, retailer-manufacturer interactions, factor market imperfections and contract enforcement issues in the food supply chain, the role and impact of small and medium enterprises in the EU food sector, and mergers and acquisitions in the food sector. The project involves 13 partner universities and research institutes across 10 EU countries and will run until December 2013. The project is coordinated by Professor Steve McCorriston of the University of Exeter, England, UK