TRANSFOP researchers present on-going research at a specially organised session at the AAEA in Washington, in early August (2013).

Transfop meets with the Commission and stakeholders in Brussels

Professors Steve McCorriston and Stephan von Cramon presented an outline of the TRANSFOP project at a specially convened meeting with the European Commission and TRANSFOP stakeholders in Brussels on 25th June, 2011. Given the interest and importance of high food prices across different Directorates in the Commission, there was participation from the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Directorate, as well as the Directorates for Research and Innovation, Health and Consumers, and Competition respectively. Eurostat also had a representative at the presentation. The stakeholder groups represented were EuroCommerce (representing the retail sector), the European Dairy Federation and UGAL (the group of independent retailers).

As well as outlining the aims and objectives of the TRANSFOP project, the presentation covered a wide range of issues relating to country coverage, data coverage and the interpretation of supermarket pricing data, the differences in food chain structures across the EU and the links between EU and world markets. The presentation also outlined various aspects relating to the dissemination of research results, as well as continued involvement from stakeholders and policy makers throughout the duration of the project.

The discussions showed that food pricing is a major issue for both policymakers and stakeholder groups given both recent experience on world commodity markets and the expectation that world commodity prices will continue to be volatile in the future and that there is a real interest of various Commission services on the respective results and follow ups. There were also some voices (stakeholders) that the Commission could consider supporting more research in this very relevant topic (for Europe & globally) and that this was one of the first projects that takes a holistic view of food pricing and competition issues throughout the EU. It was also evident that both the Commission and the Consortium prefer a kind of early involvement in a project and continued engagement throughout the project, rather than result's dissemination at the end of the project.

A copy of the slides from the Brussels presentation are available here June Powerpoint Presentation  

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