Transparency of Food Pricing (TRANSFOP)

Supplementary themes

TRANSFOP is organised around a number of inter-related themes which are listed below:

Experience of food price inflation across EU Member States

This research theme has three key objectives with the aim of providing an overall context on the issue of food price adjustment that will be explored in research themes

New insights into price transmission

The research theme explores price transmission of commodity price changes through to retail food prices covering a range of commodity/food products for a number of EU Member States.

Price adjustment along the food supply chain: the role of retailers and manufacturers

The primary objective of this research is to produce an in-depth analysis of retailers’ strategies and to assess how these strategies influence price adjustment across several EU Member States.

Competition and regulation of the food supply chain throughout the EU

This research themes complements other research in this project insofar as it addresses the issue of competition and regulation from a supply chain perspective

Price transmission in food supply chains with imperfect factor markets and contract enforcement problems

This research focusses on contract enforcement and imperfect factor markets on price transmission

Consolidation in the EU food sector

This research focusses on domestic and cross-border mergers and aquisitions across the EU