Transparency of Food Pricing (TRANSFOP)

Competition and regulation of the food supply chain throughout the EU

This research themes complements other research in this project insofar as it addresses the issue of competition and regulation from a supply chain perspective. In doing so, particular attention is given to both regulatory issues affecting different stages of the supply chain and the role of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). More specifically, the overall objective of this research theme is to contribute to transparency on the linkage between competition and regulation in the food chain and prices for food across different stages of the food chain. This includes transparency on the distributed realization of value adding food attributes (social, environmental, economic) across the food chain stages and their relation with the distribution of costs and the price distribution. This will be done in order to develop a value-based price distribution mechanism for food chains to reach an improved linking of prices achieved by players of the different food chain stages with the value added provided. This research will consist of analysis activities and activities for the development of a proposal for the improvement of the transparent distribution of prices across food chain stages, which focuses on the inclusion of SMEs into the chains and their provision with a fair share of the end product price. This research will primarily be based on case studies and best practice analyses.

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