Transparency of Food Pricing (TRANSFOP)

Consolidation in the EU food sector

There are three objectives in this research theme:

  1. To detail the extent of food industry consolidation in the EU between 1990-2008 covering both domestic mergers and acquisitions and cross-border merger and acquisitions. In this overview, all EU countries will be covered and the nature of these mergers and acquisitions (horizontal and vertical) will also be addressed.
  2. To econometrically analyse mergers and acquisitions in the EU food sector.
  3. To assess at a firm-specific level the detail of mergers and acquisitions and address which type of firms in the EU food sector are most likely to be acquirer firms and which firms most likely to be target firms with a view to addressing in detail how food industry consolidation is likely to change the structure of EU food markets and the functioning of the food supply chain across several EU countries.

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